When it comes to picking a marriage partner, there is a checklist that you have to stick to.It is not about the ancient approach to marriage when an ideal age gap applied, but rather how the two of you click.

Traditionally, men gave chase women who were several years younger, in a bid to beat the popular perception that women reach maturity earlier than men.By going for younger wives, ancient men believed they got an upper hand in marital issues and an energetic wife to watch them age.

<ul><li><b>There are important pillars in any marriage a man should consider before marrying</b></li><li><b>It is not about the ancient approach to marriage when an ideal age gap applied, but rather how the two of you click</b></li></ul>

But in the modern era, age and beauty no longer apply in a healthy marriage or relationship. With makeup that can cover up the years and exaggerate a woman's beauty, men fall short of a good pick for a spouse in this era.

The modern women have devised exemplary beauty standards that compensate for their imperfections and not all make good marriage partners. Most men fall victims of early divorce by going for attractive women who can't stretch the sexual allure as they age into menopause. So when the sexual appeal runs dry, such women get less motivated and detach themselves emotionally from men.

Thus the four important pillars in any marriage should be your checklist as a man before giving your soul away in love.


To achieve a healthy marriage that has thrill and excitement, spouses have to be deeply in love. It's not about the sex, but two hearts tied together and in the same rhythm. 

Marry a woman whose voice and sight give your body palpitations and an emotional soothe. A woman can make you become a warlord and end lives of stray men who threaten to snatch her from you.

Do not marry because you can't resist the sexual attraction of a woman.The emotional attachment of couples who fall in love because of the sexual attraction grows faint with time forcing the two to seek new adventures in new relationships.


This is all about how harmonious you are in the marriage. As a man, marry a wife you will be on the same page of everything with. A woman who blends in so well, with a chemistry that works wonders.

She should fit into your line of thoughts or have a similar perspective on marriage. Do not marry a woman you'll always try to bind into your world or you've to fix her to be the image you want.There should be a strong connection between you that no storm will break or the winds of life won't wear it away.


Not all women can be trusted to be loving marriage partners. You need to study this woman first and gauge if she can keep a marriage. You need a helper and she should be amazing that you will stake your future on her.

If she gives hints of cheating on you at any opportunity, then drop her and move on. She can be the type who flirts carelessly with men and you don't need such a woman for a wife unless you want to die earlier.

If your heart feels a distance from hers, then she is not a good pick. Any sign of disloyalty should keep you on toes and you don't have to wait for the loudest alarm bells or the scariest red flags to run.


A good wife should always show courtesy to his man. She should appreciate you and give you the honor of a husband. A disobedient woman will arm twist you or show contempt to your friends and family.

You can know if she is going to be disrespectful by the way she acts during her bad days or how her friends talk about her.This is a trait you can't ignore in a woman because one day she will unleash herself on you before your friends and any efforts to cover up won't sustain the reputation.

The four pillars should lead you to a good wife who is going to mother your kids and give you the honor of being a husband. Take your time to soul search and any hurry may drive you into the regret zone.