At the turn of the 20th century, the world started hearing of men who dated other men and women who had relationships with their counterparts. Although there has been so much tide against this kind of relationships, people are slowly beginning to realise the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community is big and fighting that is going to require many resources.

While most countries are open to having their people openly admit to having LGBT tendencies, others are opposed making them hide their preferences.

<ul><li><b>It is common to find people in straight relationships even though they are bisexual</b></li><li><b>There are ways in which you can tell if a woman is straight or bi even if she's in a relationship with a man</b></li></ul>

In most cases, you find people with gay or lesbian preferences getting into straight relationships in order to conceal who they are. Others prefer to have a taste of both worlds, hence the term bisexuality.

While it may take ages to know whether one is totally straight or not, there are a few pointers that a man can use to tell if he is dating a bisexual.

These include;

She checks out other girls

It is normal for women to be close to each other, to complement each other and such. But when your girl checks out and openly appreciates the beauty or features of others, it could be a red flag that she sees them in a different way. If she remembers how endowed another woman is and keeps talking about it, it could be a sign that she considers being intimate with them.

Her idea of grooming is different

Women generally are known to take time to work on how they look before stepping out. When your girl spends less than ten minutes in getting ready to leave the house, you should start checking out how exactly she does it. If her idea of ‘cool’ dressing is a t-shirt and a pair of jeans for every occasion, it could be a sign that she prefers the manly way of dressing.

She is one of the dudes

Her friends are mainly male and she blends in totally with them. Whenever she hangs out with them, they can have ‘man talks’ comfortably without much of a fuss. Unlike wither men friends, she looks quiet and shy when she hangs out with girlfriends and usually avoids meeting girls in most cases.

She sleeps over at other girls

A once in a while sleepover at a girlfriend is normal for almost every girl. But when your girl spends every weekend at her ‘girls’, you might need to reconsider if she’s your only. The many sleepovers could mean she prefers to take a break from you by indulging in girly nights.

Few past relationships

It is okay for one to meet a 30-year-old girl who has only dated one person. But when she mentions that she never really dated anyone but has had many flings, you may find out that the flings involved both girls and boys, and she prefers to dismiss them so you won’t find out.

She identifies with LGBT

Whenever people bring up topics about men and women who are gay, lesbian or bi, your girl has a strong insight into it and she is not afraid to let her sentiments clear. She has issues with people who talk ill about LGBT and will defend anything related to the community even if it means getting into arguments with others.

Leans towards a manly look

Everyone has a natural look and one that they want the society to identify them with. Your girl is pretty but prefers to achieve a manly look. She prefers to keep her hair short, nails trimmed and such. Her short nails could also indicate she gets intimate with other women as women cannot get touchy with long nails.

Even as the world is coming to terms with the number of self-confessed LGBT members, many out there are still in the closet and identifying them will require a keen eye.