What to wear to dates is a discussion everyone questions. With unpredictable fashion trends in the market, what not to wear should be the concern when you want to impress your date.


<ul><li>The worst thing that can happen of your first date is embarrassing yourself by putting on something totally inappropriate.</li><li>Your date will judge you from the first impression you give, and that is why what you wear or how you wear it matters a lot.</li></ul>

Spare Halloween, Mickey Mouse, and Michael Jackson costumes when going to date. You do not want to disgrace yourself.

Your high school blazer

Wearing your high school blazer when going to a date, portrays immaturity and it is a glimpse that you are not over your high school days.

Ill fitted clothes

Makes sure your clothes are well fit, visit the tailor days before the date if you have to. Do not turn up for a date wearing an outfit that looks like you have borrowed from your uncle’s wardrobe.

Sports outfit

Sports outfit looks great on a sports occasion but not on a date, sport gear makes you look less serious on a date. Wear jeans or a suit if you can afford one and you do not want to look like a joker on your first date.

Too much make up

I agree make up makes the face look fabulous and stunning, but too much of it can make you look like a clown. Apply makeup with moderation, you do not want to embarrass your date.

Dress right for the weather

Do not wear shorts, a trunk t-shirt with ray bun shades during winter or wear a trench-coat and a scarf in the scorching sun.

Branded merchandise

That branded t-shirt or cap that was given on your company's retreat is not something your date would love to see you wearing on a date, it will spark a different conversation especially if it is your first date.

You do not have to break a bank to look good. Try out monochromes dressing or color matching for great.