• Most men are under pressure finding a good woman to marry in today's society.
  • There are several ways to spot a wife material and a non-wife material.

Many times we focus on wife material. By now we all know what makes a good wife material. I will not tire you by repeating their traits. For the sake of all men who are very much interested in getting a wife, I have you covered. Let’s begin with how she looks. It doesn’t matter whether she is beautiful or ugly, by now it has dawned on us that “mwanamke si sura ni tabia”. A non wife material has this ratchet look. That look as though she can bed any man who comes her way. That’s the look I am talking about. Now, you my brothers need an innocent looking woman. Leave the ratchet looking woman alone otherwise hailed as sexy and hot.

High affinity for sponsors is another trait in a non-wife material. You will never tell until a good soul like me tells you. Your girlfriend says she is going to see her mother. For three days and nights, she is not picking your calls or only calls at specific times. Then one fine morning, you see her girlfriend upload one million photos of her at the coast. She is alone and in a bright colored bikini. I am not saying that your girl can’t take herself at the coast. But if you look at her salary and her side hustle, they don’t match. Don’t be fooled, she likes sponsors. She will not be an amazing mother to your children.

Your girlfriend can never cook. Her ideal meal is that take away at expensive food joints. She prefers eating out to wearing an apron and getting burnt in the kitchen like a wife material would. In an effort to appear homely, she has bought a chapati maker. When you visit her place, she cannot spend time in the kitchen. She prefers light meals that are simple to cook. Like ugali and mala. She is saved from the hustle of cooking greens and beef, fish or whatever meal you may like. On a normal day, she wants you to order food.

A non wife materials is very unfriendly and hostile to a man’s friends and relatives. She is always brooding like a fat python that wants to spew poison. She can’t get along with your sister even though they are the same age. If your friends came over, she will not only die of hunger but also of being looked at as though she is a beggar. If you insist on marrying such a non-wife material, your marriage life will be full of misery. You will be separated from your family and friends or have a very strained relationship with them.

When it comes to clubbing, a non-wife material is on top of the clubbing game. She literally lives in the club. She drinks and parties very hard. She is even known by some club patrons. Not that it is catastrophic because we all know that such girls change. In the event that they don’t change, then you are toast. Just as it is difficult for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, it will be difficult for them to play wife duties. Where will they get time to raise a family? I am afraid to be a bad messenger but I can tell you for free that your children will be malnourished. Their mama will be busy clubbing and taking selfies.

The last trait is social media addict. Don’t trust that woman if she is on all social media platforms and she is very active. Of course a non wife material will sulk and hit the roof, but even the holy book says that a wise woman builds her home with her own hands. It doesn’t insinuate that she builds her social media accounts with selfies and semi nudes. You can’t compete with all the bad boys on social media.