If there's one thing that a woman should not allow a man to do is pay her fees. A man needs to pay your dowry and not do the parental duty of educating you.
One thing about being educated by a man is how you will not ooh! or aah! in a relationship. It doesn't matter what the man has done, you can't ask him to be accountable. He will remind you of how he is sacrificing a lot to educate you. When you snore at night, you will forever be crucified for disturbing your man's peace of mind. You will be interfering with his process of thinking on how to find money for your fees. In short, your freedom and will to say No to his nonsense will be held ransom.

As stipulated in the 48 laws of power: Avoid and despise that free lunch. Be self sufficient. Don't be a damsel in distress who has nothing without that man. If a man shows interest in you while you are still in college,never take in that lie that he will pay for your education while you are married. Let your papa and all your poverty stricken relatives pay so that you don't owe that man.

The arrogance of a man who has paid fees for his wife is ten times greater than that of a politician.He won't stop to tell all who care to listen that he has educated his wife. Needless to say the money could be subsidized by helb loans and other bursaries.

When hell breaks loose and the relationship can't work out, the woman will forever be vilified.The man will cry foul of how he has been used and dumped. It doesn't matter whether he was the greatest womanizer, drunkard or wife barterer in the whole northern hemisphere of the world. All that matters is that he paid fees. Other broke men with nothing to offer but free protection in their pockets will not stop calling such women users.

To be fair to each other, let men pay dowry. Let women not allow men to pay very little and claim they have brought the world at their feet. All women need to do is think of better ways of gaining respect other than being humiliated in the name of being helped.We all know how people treat uneducated women. Just pay for your education and owe nobody .While at it, it doesn't pay to comprise your education life in the name of love. It never bears any fruit.