Bishop Kiuna with his wife Kathy Photo: Courtesy

According to Bishop Allan Kiuna of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC), counselling can rescue such marriages.

“Marriage counselling is paramount to solve conflict. A counsellor helps by listening to both sides and then offering an independent perspective that can solve a disagreement,” he says.

Bishop Kiuna admits that couples may drift apart after staying together for so long.

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“After living together for a long time , they realise they have been tenants in the same house, but their lives have drifted apart, so much that they no longer know each other. After the struggle of raising kids, career advancement or starting and growing businesses, some couples are just too drained and they disconnect.

I recommend that couples prioritise their marriages. Marriage is more important than the children, career or business. Spending quality time together and really communicating is critical to a healthy marriage. Couples must be willing to be humble and listen to each others’ hearts cry,” he advises.

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