Recent years have seen the oppression of men as women become enlightened. This oppression takes many forms. There’s that instance where a man pays fees for a girlfriend out of love only to be left crying and heartbroken.

 Today, I am fully armed with full proof methods that will ensure that men will no longer be oppressed. It’s my hope that my advice will be very valuable and worth the time. 

First and foremost, men should know exactly what they want from a lady after taking her to school. If a lady insists that she should complete her studies before you people settle down, by all means, respect that.

 It is not logical that you pay her college education as a way of making her stay with you. Doing that is creepy and I can tell you for free that the lady will not take you seriously. To save yourself from the trouble of future financial loss, why not write a legal agreement?

It's worrying how in the face of love, all common sense is thrown out of the window. Then when things go south, it’s calling each other names. Let both parties agree on the future of the relationship. 

Men should not be ashamed to force the ladies they love to repay the money.Or offer child support in case they separate after the lady has graduated and is employed.

 Another way to ensure that a brother "haachwi kwa mataa"is putting this lady in the family way in quick succession. The nonsense that lets wait for the lady to complete her studies is what puts many men in trouble. If she has one kid, ensure that she gets pregnant before the four years elapses. Before she can even think of partying and joining her bad girlfriends for late night parties, let her be heavy with a child again. 

It may sound crude but trust me, it works wonders. One thing about a woman having one or two kids is that it keeps her occupied. If you don't put her in the family way and let her beauty glow, a charming man, colleague or the evil lectures will send sweet vibes her way.She will forget that you sold a cow to send her to school. 

While jilted men always bring it upon themselves most of the times, be a different man.Paying a woman's fees doesn't mean you are her semi-god. It doesn't come with a licence to treat her badly. Be the best man she will wish to have over and over.Take her out for dinner, buy flowers, cook and even let her rest as mama nguo does your laundry.

 Don’t tire her with constant reminders that you are paying her fees. Don’t ask her to bring you holy water from river Jordan as appreciation. 

Last but not least, be the unseen and uninvited guest at her college. Have your ears on the ground. When she sneezes in college, hear it while at home. Let her movements be subject to your approval. 

Don’t have a habit of telling her when you visit. Just pop in her college room like a thief.However, I should warn you that if she is a promiscuous lady "chochote chaweza kutokea".Your woman will endeavour to be loyal and faithful. She will respect you and many mafisi in university will keep off. If you do the above and she still strays, then it was not meant to be.

Don't shoot people around or paint all women as ‘users’.All you need to do is take it easy. After all, there are many young women kneeling in church and rolling and turning in their beds praying for an elusive husband. Since you are generous, life will smile at you. All that was lost educating an ungrateful woman will be restored.