1) Attend as many parties as possible. This will ensure that you are party resistant hence sufficient time to build a home. 
2) Visit all your relatives. You will miss them especially if you get married to a psycho who will forbid you from visiting them. 
3) Pierce your nose, navel and have more than one ear piercing. Whoever wants to marry you will have no option but to want and love you like that. 
4) Bet with your siblings in a game of cards, chess and scrabble.You will miss all that.Your future husband may discourage you from gambling in his house. 
5) Sweep your social media account with all inappropriate posts and pictures. Especially those posts where you have catfights, where you are as drunk as a sailor and those nudes. Don’t be deceived that scrutiny will end with the mother in law checking you out. It will extend to social media. 
6) Test the love or lust of your beloved husband to be. I am thinking feigning pregnancy, job loss, and sickness. If he sticks around, he is the one. If not, don’t get married. 
7) Get rid of all pets ati sijui my dog and nice cat. Men hate pets like how we hate it when a soap opera is interrupted to show a live event. 
8) Have sufficient sleep. You may have sleepless nights in future. 
9) Complete your studies. Or get pregnant if you are sure he won't take off when you are almost finishing your studies.90% of men treat uneducated women like sh**t. 
10) Attend sleepovers, girls parties and road trips every weekend. When you get married, you can't risk the jealous calls and "kuomba ruhusa". 
11) Accept to dump someone or be dumped in return. You need to know when you can be dumped or when it's time for you to dump your beloved husband. 
12) Learn how to cook all kinds of meals. Traditional and exotic sound better. Society and most men are unforgiving to women who can't cook. 13) Get over your ex and reconcile with the fact that he wasn't man enough to be your life-long partner.Comparing his love with your husband's love is catastrophic. Understand life backward but live it forward carrying less baggage in your heart. 
14) Leave all gossip groups on social media.Avoid thinking as a group of strange women or best friends.Moderate consumption of social media and the universal lies held by many will do good when you are married. 
15) 15.Watch all girlie series, movies, and soap operas.Follow each of them as though your life depends on the story line.No one knows what the future holds.Your future husband may force you to love football, horror movies and unimaginable things that are impossible to love. 
16) Get a job, however lowly paying, before you say"I do".This will ensure that you can pay your rent, buy your clothes, shoes and support your relatives.Your future husband will respect you.He won't treat you like he rescued you from the pangs of hunger and deplorable living conditions. 
17) Drop those silly annoying pet names you had when growing up.Threaten to sue anybody who calls you toto,kadogo, mummy,babie or shortens your name.Pet names are an insult to your newly found marital status. 
18) Be done with your best friends forever.Marriage and best friends are like water and paraffin.They don't mix.Unless they are married too, don't have single besties.At the risk of being termed bitter, it's a known fact that they may steal your hubby. 
19) Make all night calls and text late into the night.Be active in social media groups so that when you are married, they don't excite you and take plenty of your time. 
20) Get over the password obsession on your phone.You may argue all you want but a decent married woman's phone password should be known to her beloved husband.