A tattoo is that scribbling in writing or drawing that people make on their bodies when they should have drawn them in a book or on the wall.All people with tattoos look amazing and stylish in them-So they believe.

Sometimes, trend setters they are not as philosophical as they want us to believe.Just as tattoos are supposed to convey certain meanings, theirs only convey their copy-paste behaviour.

They just inflict pain on their bodies for the sake of it.All they want to show is that they are different from other people.

Then when they meet people who disapprove, they would wish to rub them but it may be impossible or very expensive.Tattoos look ugly as someone ages.If it was a tattoo of a flower, it will later resemble the carcass of a wild animal.

The day and hour when tattoos become a fashion fad and an in thing is still a secret.Tattooing was done to mark prisoners.It's also done to animals for identification.That is enough to tell us that they are not as fashionable as we might want them to be.

But those with tattoos are quick to point out that celebrities have them.So what if celebrities have them?Celebrities are not mere mortals.While they earn their living through controversy after controversy and showing people that they can't behave like everybody else, you can't pull that.Which employer will take someone with visible tattoos all over their bodies seriously?

I hope those fashion frauds masquerading as trendsetters the risks of having tattoos.It should be common knowledge to them that the ink contains poisonous chemicals which will harm them in future.

They also exclude themselves from being life savers since they can't donate blood.Let's just be done with this tattoo business and be normal people.