It's common knowledge to all girls that nothing good comes out of dating married men.They will waste your valuable time with which you would have secured a single man.

In case he is serious, you will live a mediocre life. In your youth, you will be as lonely as an old widowed woman. You will be alone and in the company of your friends instead of having quality time as a couple. In spite of all this, many girls throw caution to the wind and take married men seriously.

They love them with all their heart, believe that they will marry them someday and even devote themselves by being faithful- How laughable. While some married men fulfill their promises half way and spoil the girls they date, majority suck. Here is the list of married men that a girl or even a single mother shouldn't dare date.

1. Stingy married men

Now that he is married and can't have sufficient time for his girlfriend, it’s only fair that he compensates for his absence with money. Life will be bad but bearable. How do girls live with themselves when they date stingy Married men? If he can't roll out large sums of money and meet all the needs of a young girl, then it's not worth a girl's time.

2. Excessively polygamous married men

You hear of married men with four or even ten wives. Before you digest that, it occurs to you that they have mistresses and have as many one night stands as they can.Why in the name of God would a girl waste her time on such a man? No matter how wealthy, pretentious or caring such men appear to be, women should just consider broke, loving and hard working men.

3. 'My wife, kids and I’ married man

This man worships his family. A second can't pass without him mentioning them. He begins his sentences with capital letters about his wife, punctuates it about his children then ends with a full stop about what he wants to do for them.

Naive girlfriends who don't know that they are queens and deserve nothing but the best sit around and listen.They even help such men decide which car and school is best for his wife and children respectively. You may call this being candid, but I think the girl is being used as an emotional bag.

4.A string of divorces and a million failed relationships
 The number of times this man has been divorced is like the number of times Arsenal has lost in the premier league.

After his countless divorces from beautiful, educated and committed women, he has had affairs that failed as soon as they started.Unless a miracle happens, dating such a man is futile.

There's nothing special about you, sweetie, that his string of women didn't possess. Need I remind you that his baby mama's will always hover around?

5.The violent Married Man. On a normal day, such a man will be hitting his beloved wife.He plays Mike Tyson on her leaving the poor woman with broken bones and a broken heart.

Never mind that the reasons for violence are very flimsy like not serving his meals on time or associating with certain friends. It kills me that a girl who has a bright dating future will have such a man for a boyfriend. Like the wife, she will occasionally suffer a black eye. She will also make excuses for this man.Girls are better off without such men.