Sometimes breakups are inevitable in a relationship no matter how so in love,pretty or alike you are.Things just happen and you discover that the high school or college sweetheart whom you have been sharing a room with is not meant to be.

Life goes on.However,before you get over this break up,there are annoying things that retarded boyfriends do.Let's sample them.

1. Demand for all the presents he bought you

 He bought you nice gifts. He bought you those nice shoes, dresses and that phone you scare your classmates with. When things go wrong, he asks you to refund them. It’s very shameful and petty.
If you can return them, do so.But I strongly recommend that you shouldn't. They are yours and not his gifts.

2. Expose your weaknesses to friends and relatives

 We all have weaknesses. The only thing that differs is the degree and how we manage our weaknesses. But this retard will go on and on about them while posing as Mr. Clean. All the people will hence forth believe you are the bad one while he was Mr. Perfect. Be deaf to all the shit he says about you. It doesn't matter whether it's true or false.

3. Insisting that he dumped you

He is the one who called it off. It was very good of him. What about it? Why insist and repeat over and over that you are the one who called it off? Even if it massages your pea sized ego, it's immature and uncalled for. But if you still insist, fetch your present at the nearest post office for your heroism of getting rid of a bad girlfriend.

4. Sharing your nudes with the whole world

 You trusted that boyfriend so much. You believe others break up but not you. Instead of doing something constructive like reading or even gossiping, you take nudes posing this way and that way for a better view. After you break up, he sends the nudes pale telegram for all ‘fisis’ to see.

5.Continue chasing you even when he is in another relationship.

He had already moved on when you were still dating. He had another girlfriend whom he had always promised to love with his last breath. He also swore how he is deeply and madly in love with her whatever that means. He breaks up with you so that they can be the perfect Romeo and Juliet.

Few months into the relationship,anaanza kukufuata fuata.He calls endlessly, laughs and even asks why the two of you aren't talking. Don’t believe a word he says. If you get back to him, it will be like watching the titanic a second time and believing that the ship won't sink. It will sink, I swear!

6. Taking your break-up wars to Social media

Since you were so in love being social media friends is normal. The two of you mlisumbua watu sana with you’re a million plus photos, quotes about love and participating in each other's post as though your life depended on it.

Now that you have broken up, you won't let the rest of humanity be. You throw jabs at each other on social media, fight openly and let everybody know why, when and how you fell apart. Boyfriends who do this should grow up urgently.

7. Hits on your best friends and even relatives

Now that you can't be together, he decides to go after your best friends and relatives. His below average thinking capacity tells him it will be a big blow to you.
He also believes it will prove once and for all that he was manly enough. Girls who make a fuss out of all this give this retards the oxygen to perpetuate their immaturity. You should ignore them and act like it never happened.

8. Feigning Suicide

 Many cases of suicide have been reported in universities and colleges over love that has gone sour. It’s sad and painful. Creepy boyfriends have decided to ride on the vulnerability of such lovers.

They also feign a suicide attempt so that their girlfriends can take them back. If you take such a boyfriend, know that he can't handle the challenges that life can bring forth. He can even attempt suicide because the landlord hiked rent and garbage collector's left your garbage.