The Rolls Royce Wraith  Photo: Courtesy

The Rolls Royce Wraith is the most powerful car in the world. It is marvel of the superior engineering company, Rolls Royce, which has been in business since 1904. For over a century, their specialty has been excellence wrapped in majestic-ness.

This bold car is nothing short of meticulous perfection. With an aluminum body, a 6.6 little twin turbo v12 engine, 624 horsepower that can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in 4.6 seconds, the Wraith is nothing short of awesome. With lavish handmade interior, veneers with seamless luxury, leather carefully stretched along nooks and crannies and crafted with no squeaking joints allowed, the car is simply meticulous. No unit leaves the factory without being thoroughly scrutinised for defects and blemishes. With flawless motion and engine power, sound proofing on the floor of the car to muffle the engine noise and everything seamlessly joined together in audacious mechanical matrimony, the car makes a bold statement of opulence.

For safety, it can detect humans and animals 300 meters away in the darkness, while giving you a 360-degree view via safety cameras. It has a ceiling with micro-lights that can create any ambiance, including a full starlit night sky — the list is endless. For this car, their sales caption is as true as it is bold: without excellence, you are not ready to roll with the high rollers. With a price range that exceeds Sh60 million a unit, you’ll begin to appreciate the variance between your regular motor vehicle and this beast.

The variance between ordinary and extraordinary is excellence. Without this capability, we replicate normalcy and beget mediocrity! Indeed, excellence is in the details. It is what differentiates normal from uncommon. Excellence makes you bold and unique. Common people do things to finish, and quickly for that matter; excellent people never finish until what they are doing becomes outstanding, superseding and exceeding.

One of the greatest tragedies in life is to go through life being average, whereas God created us to be achievers at the highest level. Average is simply mediocre, common, typical, indifferent, moderate, tolerable, undistinguished, unexceptional and consequently, inferior. An average life means that yes, you are doing something, but there is nothing special about you that is worth mentioning or remembering. I strongly believe that the will and mind of God concerning you and me is that we be excellent and exceptional in all we do. An outstanding person exhibits excellence. They live by a creed governed by an excellent spirit of integrity and exceptionalism. They possess a conspicuous identity that makes them tower over the rest. The holy scriptures teach us of one such person, Daniel. It was said that, “Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king thought to set him over the whole realm” (Daniel 6:3). This kind of person always endeavours to outshine his last record, striving to be better today than he was yesterday; and desiring to be better tomorrow than he is today. He is abundantly cognisant that it is in excellence that his peculiarity lies.

This is why you MUST disregard mediocrity at all costs and embrace excellence. What Africa needs is the rising of a new generation of men and women that will refuse to be mediocre and common. A cohort of people who will not focus on soliciting for help from overseas, but will take personal responsibility and embrace the spirit of excellence, which will position them on an international platform. We cannot lay claim on progress or imagine superior kind of achievements until our outcomes first become defined as excellent: until we qualify to surpass, be the best, outdo, exceptional, superb, first-class and prime.

To roll with the big wigs and the who’s who, you must court and marry excellence. Excellence begins with a disciplined lifestyle that transforms into a system that governs how we live our lives. It demands that we keep growing and evolving into better people, until others take notice. You have to subdue yourself and work through thick and thin until you become ‘unignorable.’ Strive to sharpen your gift and train your talent into a place of mastery and excellence. Do not compete with people, that is too low! Compete against mediocrity and be committed to do your assignment with utmost excellence. If you want to access doors of distinction, excellence is the key.

This is an an excerpt from the book, Living in Financial Distinction by Bishop Allan Kiuna