The life we live can be a great paradox. The highs and lows, excitement and fear – all sum it up.

If we do not view and accept life as such, we may have trouble adjusting to its oscillations. Handling difficulty does not mean we are disadvantaged, that we are victims or that God has forgotten us. In fact, bad things do happen to good people.

Sometimes life is difficult, so much that you would think God is against you. Yes, there are days when life will seem to conspire to frustrate you, and in totally unrelated occurrences, things will seem to happen almost in concert to frustrate your progress.

Your hopes of an improved life will rise high and your faith will gather up audacity, only for the thing you prayed for to pass you by. But just because faith got frustrated and hope encountered bumps on the road doesn’t mean that we stop hoping or quit believing. Since doubts never gave us anything, we can as well stick to faith. And since hopelessness never bore fruits better than hope, we must embrace the fact that we are prisoners of hope. We shall hope against hope until we see our lives become better, greater and fulfilled.

First of all, you need to remember that there is nothing that happens to us; all things happen for us. You are not inferior to challenges and troubles are not superior to you. You are not subject to what happens or a victim of it. You just happen to be in this life where everyone must and will face trouble.

But remember that nobody is responsible for making you happy, successful or strong, but you. You are responsible for your own liveliness, enthusiasm, cheerfulness and joviality. Find a way to keep yourself motivated even when there is no reason to.

Protect your heart. Not every setback, disappointment and hurtful experience belongs to your heart. Some failures do not require much attention and even those that do, should never be allowed to take over our emotions and run us down. The gates of our hearts and the watchmen of our souls must constantly be awakened and kept vigilant so that our experiences do not destroy our hope in a better future. In this life, you will encounter trouble in one form or the other. In fact, you are not unique just because you are going through a series of heartbreaks, disappointments or rejections. Your life is not the only one that has daily been threatened with explosion or implosion.

What didn’t work has no bearing with who you are. What failed is not indicative of what you can never achieve. Where they said no does not mean they cannot say yes. And whoever has written you off is walking in ignorance because only God knows our tomorrow. Don’t walk around filled with negativity and self-pity just because the miracle that you wanted is yet to happen or because the pain has lingered on for more than you anticipated. Today with its pitfalls and battles has no power to overshadow the brightness of tomorrow. Regardless of the opposition you face, your destiny of awesomeness is guaranteed, assured and insured by the promises of God!

Whatever has happened to you, had no permission to kill you. Mourn if you must, cry if you have to and meditate about it if you want to, but do not camp there.

We go through trouble but trouble does not go through us. We don’t make permanent residences on temporary locations. Anything that you have gone through that has exhausted your strength and withered your will is temporary and never final. Your best days are ahead of you and they are clad with rest, joy and fulfillment. Aim for that!

Don’t feel besieged, whatever is going haywire in your life, is not unique or special. Other people have gone through it and overcome. This year, you are not permitted to have a breakdown.

You shall have a breakthrough! A break out! You shall come out of every fire; not dead, but alive to live life to the full, until you have accomplished everything that you were born to do! God has not abandoned you; keep the faith! Be invigorated, charged up, inspired, encouraged and stirred up to win. I shall see you at the top!