Friends forever. They are the people we surround ourselves with; the people that brighten our faces. We love them. Sometimes for who they are. Sometimes for what they make us feel. We cannot fully describe why we have tiers of friends. For crying out loud, they are not always the most likable people on the planet. Sometimes we think we can even do better but they are all that we have got. Statistically, people always have utmost three close friends who will remain friends throughout life. The others are just circumstantial. They may have been your playmate, desk mate, roommate, or classmate. In the beginning, you know you are stuck with each other, at least for some years, so it was nice to get make lemonade with the lemon.

With time friendships turn into an investment of sorts. Investments of moments, memories, secrets, confidence and other peripheral but significant shreds of sentiments. There are friends we do not talk to every day, in fact, we can go for months without contact, but when we meet it feels like it was yesterday. The foundation of the friendship runs deep and from it runs an inexhaustible fountain of happiness. There are those people that flash in our minds every day. The ones that make us smile at the reveries we create to color somber moods.

 Some experiences only remind us of how we once felt, the nostalgia of vivid laughter. If it were possible we could, in the moment trade anything, to recapture the past. However, we always know that we needed them - the memories – for the times we feel lonely and unloved. They bring the sense of self-worth. They summarize the beauty of our lives and pickle the good in a murk of the unpleasantness of life. We are grateful even in the times they have moved beyond.

It is naturally easy to celebrate good times with literary anyone even strangers- think about gatecrashers. In these times there are enough distractions to make time pass. 

It is in the sad times that we hear the clock ticking and the room shrouded in hideous tension. When we can hear a sigh and we analyze every word we are about to utter. We try to be in our best behavior. These are the moments the sieve of life presents to us our 'true' friends. They may not utter a word, but their silence speaks the unspeakable language of concern. Yet when all is normal they may fade to the background of active life and the 'fake' friends re-emerge. Strangely, we embrace them and life goes on because in reality, the mystery of friendship is so that we cannot shake some people. They are the people we share life with. Some during the good times, others in sorrow. No judgments. Friends are like hinges they are an integral part of existence. In whichever circumstances they make life worth living.