Have you ever wanted to take a good quality picture but you don’t have a Digital SLR or a Point & Shoot camera around? And all you have is your smartphone? Well I’m going to show you how you can take meaningful photos using that smart camera so pay attention.

1. Get Close.

In other words avoid the digital zoom. You are much better stepping close to your subject for a better quality picture than zooming. This is because for a smart camera even the high pixel or resolution smart cameras, the image quality reduces when you zoom.

2. Keep the lens clean.

Make sure you clean your camera lens before taking any picture. You don’t want people to ask each other whether that is a ghost they are seeing there. Also avoid fake blur in your pictures. It makes the look unrealistic.

3. Know how to use the camera flash.

The camera flash is very important. It is not only used at night but during the day also. If you want to take a photo with only the hard light, I recommend you use the camera flash to evenly distribute the light of the subject for better pictures. Although sometimes when you use camera flash it brings the red eye, make sure you know when to use the camera flash.

4. Shoot now, edit later.

At the moment, all your focus should be on taking pictures. You can edit them any time later. This gives you time to take a better picture and later sit down and think of ways to edit the picture properly. Therefore never zoom; just crop the picture later. Also edit the picture but don’t filter. You can use these camera apps; Camera Awesome and Camera+ .

5. Light is the key.

Always make sure that you take a picture with proper lighting. Otherwise, no one will look at that picture twice. Also ensure that you are behind the light source i.e. the sun etc. this is to help you have the light fall directly on your subject instead of your camera lens.

6. The Rule of Thirds.

This rule is very essential for any picture you take. I will talk about it in my next post.

7. Use black and white.

It is not always that you have to take coloured pictures. Sometimes when the colours are not that vibrant or interesting, take a black and white picture. It will be more attractive than the dull colours.