Social media has reducedthe human race to a single instinct; recklessness and with utter emotionaldisregard for fellow humans. 

Whatever motivates a sane mortal to publishgraphic images from a scene of accident is one thing that is hard to wrap yourhead around. 

My guess is that such individuals are always afterattention and the so called on "social media influence". But, yousee, garnering influence does not mean stooping so low. No. It means pursuing aworthy cause that impacts positively on the society and establishing oneself asan authority in that field. 

One thing these individuals revel in is the factthat there is no such definite regulation that prohibits them from such grossmisdemeanor. Maybe. But the law of social responsibility demands that we shouldalways think about the implication of our actions on the next person. 

This culture, and other forms of grossmisconducts, on the internet can only be stopped if we set up a board toregulate social media because, let us face it, we have wasted a lot of effortclassifying our films and forgetting about social media ; which is the realissue. 

Let us have a group of individuals mandated tohunt down these cyber criminals and bringing them to justice. Let us have aboard that closes down such accounts and bans the said individuals from usingsocial media. Maybe then we can have sanity on the internet. 

Of course, the major setback with such aninitiative is the kind of politics that crops up. This would, definitely,be branded an attempt to gag bloggers as have other similar initiatives before. 

The social media sphere has grown enough to berecognized as a state of some sort. The emergence of a state necessitates theestablishment of a government to maintain law and order. Let us then have thesocial media regulation board to maintain the order on social media.