The whites have long been considered invincible or demi-gods of some sorts. They get favours especially in African countries, at the expense of the Africans themselves. So it’s rather weird to find one on the streets of Nairobi, begging for a mere twenty shillings.

There are reasons why they shouldn’t be given a dime let alone a shred of sympathy.  Whites are very racist. If you’ve talked to someone who has been abroad, they will tell you how racism is extreme. Africans coming back from abroad will change their names by dropping that white name.

Another very big reason to walk by them is slavery. Our brothers were shipped across the Atlantic in the most inhumane conditions one can imagine. Those who made it across helped create empires in the west, and now all they can do is give us financial aid. Imagine the debt African countries are in from the wealth our African brothers helped create. When a white beggar stretches a hand remind them of this.

Whites are people who reason-methinks. Finding them on the streets begging means they failed to reason along the way, either by using drugs which made them broke as they are. Perhaps they indulged in drugs from the money they had.