There's this annoyinghabit that women have of leaving stuff in a man's house. Many say it's markingone's territory-whatever that means. This behavior is clingy, needy andforceful to a man.


It's sad that it rarelyachieves the desired effect. A man can bring whoever he wants in his house. It'shis house. All he has to do is hide those cheap ugly clothes and other stuffyou left. Alternatively, he can lie that they belong to a relative.


Don’t leave yourtoothbrush at his place means other girlfriends will use it to brush theireyebrows. Or even to brush their teeth in case they forget their toothbrush.They will wear your slippers and clothes, since they believe they belong toyour boyfriend’s relative.


Women ought to be moresophisticated and secure. If you don't have a spare key to his house and youhave been dating for a year, close business. If you must call to visit him, youare one among the many girlfriends he brings over.


Then there's a lie mentell women that they are single yet their girlfriends and wives live in other towns.If a man has curtains that match with his seats, has several pairs of bedsheets,has a nice kitchen curtain, then he is married. If he has cutlery that can feeda whole parish, same thing. Men don't care about cutlery. All they care aboutis the electronics and comfortable seats. Those 1000+ cutlery were bought byhis wife or girlfriend who is pregnant.


A man who truly lovesyou will want you in his territory. He will move earth and heaven to have youby his side. It's in vain that you leave stuff in his house. A man marrieswhoever he loves. Lastly, you can leave your expensive pair of flats or highheels then you have a terrible break-up. Many years later, you will realise thatyour pair of heels got away and not the man.