Marrying a man in thearmy can be the best thing that can happen to a woman. The prestige and socialbenefits of marrying them far outweigh the demerits.


There has been bad vibeabout the army officers. People have been spreading falsehoods that they are womanizers.Some say that when angry, they can even kill you. Today ,I come bearing goodnews. It's about how sweet it is to marry a soldier.


To begin with, beingcalled "bibi ya mwanajeshi"does not only roll out sweetly but also shows masculinity in it. Compare thatwith "bibi ya mwalimu".There'snothing special in that. One day, we shall highlight the pitfalls of marryingteachers.


People fear army officers’homes. This therefore means that you will be guaranteed of security. Lootersand drunkards in the village or estate will not loiter near your homestead. Whenyou are blessed with baby girls, men will fear hitting on them and talking crapabout them.


Since the army officershave uniforms and usually stay in the barracks, it means you have plenty offree time. No waking up at dawn to prepare breakfast, press mzee's clothes and check his phone whenhe is in the bathroom.


You can sleep as long asyou want. All you have to do is give the maid orders here and there. Theabsence of mzee for long periodsmeans plenty of gossiping time. You can always visit your girlfriends  orhave them visit you. You can gossip, eat popcorns and watch all the series andsoap operas. The series Army wives will be a story of your life. Lest I forget,there are no quarrels over the remote with babawatoto.


When he finally comeshome, you will be slapped with goodies like: biscuits, canned meat, fish, fruitsand beans. All these will make you the envy of other wives in the village orthe estate. Where can a teacher, doctor, journalist or accountant husband getsuch goodies? Let's not forget the shopping privileges at Afco.


Since mzee is home and not going to work, youwill have plenty of time together. You will just have to cut down on yourgossip and be home like a good wife. I hope all girls marry army men andforever enjoy the fruits of their labour and the protection they offer.