Team natural hair women decided that relaxing their hair or wearing weaves is disgusting. They therefore decided to have their hair in its God given form. In their hearts, they praise themselves for being this original and taking a "bold move".

While there's nothing wrong with having one's hair in its natural form, the problem arises when this women cannot let the rest of humanity be. There's this self righteousness in them. The belief that they are more African and true to themselves than anybody else.

They can't rest till the whole world knows they are team natural. They will flaunt their ugly blanket like hair all over social media for all to see. They will kill us with hashtags, Facebook groups and talk about their hair. Women in dreadlocks look cool, stylish and spend a fortune maintaining their locks "lakini hawatusumbui". Now, from which beauty cave did team natural emerge from?

Before a poor woman can endure the burns of chemical on her scalp, a team natural is shouting about how going natural is the best decision she ever made. Methinks these women have below the sea level self esteem; all they need is attention and validation the same way women who dye their hair in bright colors do.

In case team natural don't know, short relaxed hair and weaves are also trendy. Whoever said women look terrible in weaves should be flogged in public. Women in weaves are neat and many of them know how to maintain their weave. Unlike the team natural whose business with their hair remains a mystery.

Whatever a woman decides to do with her hair, let it be a personal decision. It's cheap talk to call weaves "wearing horse's hair". Then wearing shoes should also be phony because it's wearing animal's skin. For this matter, team natural should stop shouting their lungs out and keep their dusty, kinky and difficult to maintain hair to themselves. Can a plastic or wooden comb go through that thicket of hair without breaking into pieces?