Polygamy died with our grandparents. In the olden days,being a second wifewas respectable and cool.This days,it's not only pathetic but also desperate.


Modern day second wives never make it.If you think am lying,ask yourselfwhy most women who went public that :"am a proud second wife" are nowwounded single mothers.I could mention names,but our good editor won't beamused with me.


It's laughable how a modern woman decides to be a second wife.You wonder ifmen have been wiped out of the earth's face.Or someone held them at gun pointand they had no option but to play second fiddle.They are not even secondfiddle.Whoever said polygamy ensures men are faithful,lied to us all.Ask secondwives and they will tell you.In case they put on a plastic smile,look intotheir eyes and you will see the disappointment.


The man can always take a third wife,have mistresses or settle forboth.That's the time second wives become caged.They never sing or continue badmouthing the first wife.It dawns on them that the first wife was and is stillbetter than them.Many take off and say things like "bwana wa mtu ni wamtu".That's their line of surrender.


Those who remain live a life of married singles.The husband is neither attheir place nor at the co-wife's.They,like single women,stuff many pillows on theirbeds.They check for the umpteenth time if they locked the door.And learn to fixbulbs and unclog blocked kitchen sinks.


The modern day second wife is simply daft.She's competitive rather thanbeing a first wife's complementary.She fights small battles and wins, but losesthe war hands down.She never makes a home.They are interested in how theirhouses will be better than their co-wife's.


Unless second wives learn to settle for more and stop appreciating crumbsthat fall from a man's wealth,it's in vain to be in that polygamous marriage.Itshould be illegal for second wives to live in matchbox sized houses,fend forthemselves and still have babies with a man who hasn't paid full dowry.But as Isaid,many choose the wrong battles.


When everything is said and nothing can be done to stop women from beingsecond wives,it all boils down to "Akili ni Nywele".Sharp secondwives(with sprayed weaves)live large.The man feeds from their palms.Dump one'slive a dog's life-then leave.