Handsome men always described as tall dark and handsome, are difficult to date. Light skinned men also make it to this merit list-though forgotten all the time. Dating them is like climbing Mount Kenya in a six inch high heeled shoe. If you want to be treated like crap, ignored all the time and always uncertain whether you are in a relationship or not, date a handsome man.

They know they are in demand. They see how women become weak once they set eyes on them. This makes them proud and arrogant. They therefore don't give a damn. The success or failure of the relationship is of little importance to them. Others use their handsomeness to be playboys. A big percentage of play boys are hunkies. Women who date them can't dare to leave. The thought of leaving scares them.

Many feel ashamed because he can be grabbed by the next pretty thing within a five kilometer radius. I have seen handsome men leave their girlfriends; a phenomenon that is rare with average looking men. Women do anything to keep hunks. It’s said that they are also good in bed-whatever that means. This makes women break their backs so that they can stay.

A handsome man raises a woman's rating among her peers. It also massages her esteem and beauty. It’s a statement in itself. Even if the woman is not equally attractive, she appears attractive by association. While we cannot forbid women from dating handsome men, the golden rule remains. Never waste time on a man who treats you like crap.