It's astonishing that some men have the courage to split bills on first dates. How do such men sleep at night? Don’t they have nightmares? Let’s not even talk about men who forget their wallet. I can sleep into a comma before I finish this piece. It's not that women can't pay bills. Pay bills on first dates to show you can provide. And to show that you wear the pants in that relationship. These are the reasons why some men split bills:

1. Kusota, some men are so broke like a church mouse. They have no money. It’s a pity how they pretend that they can take a woman out. They therefore gather few coins and suggest the bill be split.

2. A case of severe meanness .Men that split bills have never bought drinks for their boys. They are just mean. It doesn't matter whether they have money or not. They are the type that will ask for all the gifts they bought you when you break up.

3. Being uncultured. Many times we assume that all men are cultured and know how to treat women. It’s an assumption. Some men can't even pull a chair for a lady. Can they foot the whole bill? The answer is no.

4. A red light that they can live off a woman. Men who split bills are making a statement that they can depend on their women. They are preparing you psychologically that time will come when you will be the provider. If a man can't settle a bill, will he pay rent, buy food and educate his children in future?

5. To show that he doesn't take you seriously. It's simple, if he can't go out of his way to pay the bill single handedly, he doesn't take you seriously. He can't settle the bill, what will he do for you? Now, kina miss independent will spoil matters. They will say foolish things like “we can pay bills”. Such women will foot the bill when a man forgets his wallet. They will happily agree to split the bill. Such women should be prosecuted and held prisoners for crimes against relationships.