Watakula tu kwa macho.mtu wa dukashamba boy? According to Tracy, a third year Education student at Kibabii University, the wrong perception people (especially men) have towards successful women is ill informed. "Men should stop this negative perception towards beautiful and successful women, we are just normal human beings" she says. She further adds that in most cases she has been branded 'bad girl' title simple because her male counterpart students cannot catch up with her in class.

It is worth noting that men who have dared these tough headed women have shocking revelations. According to Derrick, a banker in Bungoma town, women need to be studied carefully before making any move towards them. "Most women will agree with me that men who are patient enough to know their mates have high chances of winning them" he notes. He further adds that the crop of modern man who does not have time to build the chemistry have found it hard to date these women simply because they can’t enter their psyche. According to evolutionary psychology women tend to be pragmatic when seeking a mate. That is, they are likely to feel that love should develop slowly and to be cautious before jumping into a relationship-a less romantic attitude. The evolutionary theory further states that women must be more selective when choosing mates because by biological necessity they must invest more as parents.

This means that a more cautious, less romantic approach to love is more adaptive for women than it is for men and that women in our ancestral past who took the careful approach to love were more successful in passing along their genes, and thus their behavioral tendencies to future generations. Furthermore, women believe that men fail in their approach to women in the first place. "Some men fail from the point go, most of us are not interested in money or lavish life" notes Anne, a health practitioner in Busia County. She further adds that women have acquired material possession and what matters is how well the potential mate will play his cards. Her sentiments are echoed by Derrick who wonders why men toil themselves digging deep into their pockets like political aspirants, however at the end, walks away empty handed. "Some of us didn't spend even a single cent and yet we've dated very successful and beautiful ladies" he explains. To this end men should dispel the fear that have always downplayed them and sharpen their unrelenting efforts to woe women of their dreams.