My name is Davis and I grew up hating my step-mother and my father. It’s been twenty one years but I still remember the incident as if it was just yesterday. What my step mother did is something I can never forgive.

My biological mother passed when I was only 12-years-old. She left me with a younger sister whom I love with all my heart. My dad later got married to another woman who obviously came to live with us.

I never knew why my dad had to marry another woman. Anyway, I was so young back then and thus knew nothing about marriage or love. She was kind at first, loving just like any other mother.

Few months later she changed. I started doing house chores that I was not used to. She used to give me her inner clothes to wash for her and threatened to beat me so badly if I ever mentioned anything to my father.

As months passed she continued mistreating us and I could not handle it anymore, I told my dad. My dad got furious with her for a moment then he just forgave her without any warnings. My sister and I did not do any house chores for three days. She however started going out frequently and looked very suspicious.

One day she burned both me and my sister with very hot water while my dad was on a business trip. I knew I had to do something because the worst was yet to come. Pauline could not stop crying and she begged me to move out of the house and that’s when we went to the streets.

After two weeks on the streets, we went back home hoping that our dad had returned and chased away the evil woman. To my surprise, my dad was still living comfortably with her. In fact, he told us that he was better off without us.

Life in the streets was not easy but we survived. My sister had a talent for fashion and she currently owns a cloth line and six boutiques. I do online work and earn a good share to sustain myself as well. Both of us are married, I have two kids while my sister has one kid.

What my step-mother did to us is something I am not sure I will be able to forgive let alone forget. I don’t know where my dad is or what he has become but one thing I know, my sister and I are better off without him as well.