A lot of women around the world undergo the stress of losing belly fat in order to get that hourglass figure. The following 9 nutrients will help you shrink that belly fat.


Researchers have found out that the active compound methylhydroxy chalcone polymer (mhcp) in cinnamon makes fat cell more receptive to insulin. High insulin levels trigger the body to store more fat especially in your midsection so consuming a seasoning like cinnamon helps maintain healthy levels of insulin which is a great way to combat belly fat.


They contain calcium pyruvate a substance that occurs naturally and is made in your body during digestion and metabolism. A study done by the university of Pittsburgh found out that obese women lost 48% more fat when following a calorie restricted diet with supplemental calcium pyruvate.

Caraway seeds

They help to get rid of gas; they are effective at reducing gas and bloating because they are a powerful digestive aid. They help eliminate gas due to their carbamate properties.

Green tea

It has the main components of polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate which has thermogenic properties to help increase fat oxidation. Green tea is also loaded with powerful antioxidants which help decrease inflammation and fight off disease and infection.

Omega 3 rich foods

Studies have shown that they keep stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline from peaking, help the body from chronic stress and help prevent increased fat storage.


They contain quercetin, a powerful flavonoid which improves the immune system and promote cardiovascular health and also fight belly fat.

Dark Chocolate

Studies have indicated that high level of resveratrol in your diet may boost metabolism helping you to burn more calories. It’s found in red grapes, red wine and dark chocolate.


Vitamin c helps reduce stress hormone levels and returns the stress hormone cortisol to normal levels after a stressful situation. This reduction in cortisol may help to prevent increased belly-fat storage.

Drinking water

Research has shown that increase in fluid volume in the body may help to promote the breakdown of fat.