This the truest and the most solemn and somber story that I have ever told. Please note that I'm not trying to justify how privileged, righteous or lucky I am in this world; I'm just trying to witness that God is always watching over us, and will do anything to keep us from any sort of danger.

Back in the 90s when I was in the university, my buddies and I were hot-blooded, adventurous daredevils. And because we did not know the skills of approaching our colleague university girls, we had a habit of going hunting for 'collections' at Mabatini, Kesses, or even Cheptiret. Those of you who know Moi University know those places.

One time at Kesses, I hooked up with one very fat lady called Ciku, in a bar of course! It was around 6 p.m. I was with my roommate whom we used to call Githee. He also got his catch and we walked the 5 kilometers stretch to the university campus so that we could sneak them into our cubicle in hostel when no one was watching.

I said Ciku was fat...but I should now specify that she was a 'momo'! When I walked by her side, we looked like a mother taking her son back to school! So when we got near the hostel, we told the two ladies to proceed on to room, unlock the door with the keys we gave them, and wait for us.

Our bed was a double-decker because the cubicle was just big enough to accommodate the bed, a reading desk and a wardrobe. I used to sleep on the top and you can imagine the trouble it took ‘momo’ to climb to the top decker. Of course I had to do a lot of pushing, with the help of Githee.

I then clambered on to my bed and squeezed myself next to Ciku. Of course there was barely any space for me! Suddenly, Ciku turned over to get a better sleeping posture and she sent me flying out of the bed with her huge hips! I came crashing from the top decker and landed on the floor with a thud! I glazed my head badly from the sharp corner of the reading table and blood sprung out of the gaping wound with a jet.

There was chaos, pandemonium and melee. The ceremony was over before it began! Blood was pouring so profusely from the gaping wound that Githee had to rush and seek help from our other buddies to take me to the university dispensary. Our guests opted to sneak away amidst the chaos; it was the wisest thing to have done in the present situation. I was rushed to the dispensary and sewn up with 20 stitches. Could God have been protecting me from more serious danger through that accident?

Later on, I befriended a university girl from Nyanza, a daughter of a Kamba and a South African who were tutors at Siriba TTC. She was pretty and memories of her made me drop food from my hands. She was so strict with life that one day when I tried to get funny ideas in my head; she warned me strictly that if I didn't change she would stop seeing me. She asserted that she could only allow what I wanted if I married her. But after persuading and persisting, she softened up and gave me a romantic date the following day. That evening, news broke out in the university that the famous student allowance popularly known as 'boom' had been scrapped by the Nyayo government. Chaos broke throughout the night. The following morning the university was closed indefinitely. My South African sweetheart went high and south! And she never reported back to the university when we resumed after the strike.

When I traced her through Twitter and Facebook three years ago, she was excited to hear from me again. She told me she works with South African Airways. But she had shocking news for me too. She told me that she was HIV positive even when I was trying to get romantic with her back in the university days! She had lived with the status up-to-date, almost 20 years now. I was shocked! Could God have been protecting me from danger through the university students' strike?

The third experience was when I was posted to my first school as a teacher. Being a young salaried fellow, I was quite marketable. And they also say I'm handsome! I used to reside in the teachers' quarters. Of course I bought all the gadgets that newly employed teachers buy. There was a pretty female teacher who was employed by the board of governors of the school and she used to come to my house to watch my brand new Sony TV almost on a daily basis.

One night I convinced her to spend the night with me in my house. Immediately after she accepted, we heard shouts from the direction of the boys' dorms and we didn't need to be told that the boys had gone on strike, because strikes in that school were a famous pastime. My visitor had to rush to a fellow female teacher's house to hide, as I joined other male teachers outside to participate in the traditional stone-hurling exchanges with students. We had to do this to stop the striking students from breaking window panes and furniture. After the menace, the lady stopped coming to my house and we never revisited the romantic stories. She didn't stay long in the school because she joined an insurance company. A few years later, she passed away. Cause of death: HIV/ AIDS. Could God have been protecting me from danger through the students' strike?