Bed bugs are insects that bite. They are painless at first but later turn into itchy welts. They like being on the bed, clothes and furniture where nobody can see them.

They have been bothering residents of Ruiru in Kiambu County. It is claimed that there was a research that was done by students from Kenyatta University on bed bugs.

After using the bed bugs for their research they never got rid of them which then multiplied.

It has made people to resort to strange ways of eliminating them. For instance using Kerosene and detergent concentration thereafter mixing them with some of the bed bug sprays.

To some people it has been a source of employment. They have bought different sprays to kill the bed bugs and they go from house to house getting rid of them. However, this method has worked for everyone.

The county government should step in and help the people so that they can live in peace.