More parties expected in 2016 Photo: Courtesy

The most dreaded month of the year,‘Njaanuary,’ is here with us. This is the time

when people are in their best behaviour as they try to keep up with their New Year


After spending some time in my hometown, Nyeri, I drove back to the city and was

welcomed back by party animals. When it comes to having a ball, Nairobians are the



I linked up with McMaleeq of theGerarahia hit fame who had landed from Kisumu city. Together with comedians Jalang’o and Fred Omondi, they graced Akothee’s white and gold party in Rongo as she opened her new house.We made our way to Tamasha Hurlingham, which was already filled to capacity.

Here, I linked up with rapper NastyBull, with whom I attended high school.The flashy businessman was back from abusiness-cum-holiday trip in the USA.On Sunday afternoon, I linked up withEurope-based DJ Edifice and proceeded to his rural home in Kigumo, Gatundu, where the local football teams had organised atournament. He sponsored the teams with jerseys and boots.

“I’m currently negotiating with some companies who will sponsor and scout for talented youths an award them scholarships and better training facilities abroad like Idid. It is my way of giving back to society,”said the former Norway-based footballer.


Later that evening, we linked up withMC Jose and Irene Murundi from Qatar and together we made our way to Club 1824 onLang’ata

Later that evening, we linked up with Mcee Jose and Irene Murundi from Qatar and together we made our way to the already too popular club 1824 on Langata road for the Sunday school air themed‘the summer bunnies’ send o party and threw agood party to our friends from the diaspora who had visited home for the festivities.

Indeed, the year seems to have kicked off to a good