For a woman, pulling off a put together look every single day is not an easy feat.

It requires patience and dedication.

However, even after slipping into a ravishing outfit and putting on your make-up flawlessly, there are a few things that can bring all your efforts tumbling down.

I have compiled a list of the most common fashion faux pas among Nairobi women.

1. Torn stockings

I feel mortified when I see a girl walking around with torn stockings. Granted, tights and stockings are made of flimsy material and are prone to ripping but that is not an excuse to be ratchet. I often wonder if these women are usually aware of the state of their stockings and they simply do not give two hoots or they are completely in the dark.

In any case, you can cheaply obtain a new pair of stockings at virtually every street corner so you really don’t have an excuse.

2. Uncomfortable shoes

Women are happy even when they wear shoes that cause them discomfort as long as they look gorgeous. Having said that, there are some women out there who take this discomfort too far.

If your discomfort can be seen a mile off, then the shoe is clearly not worth it. There is nothing as disheartening as seeing a woman wobbling around in pain.

The whole point of wearing high heels is to appear elegant and graceful. You throw all this out the window if you wear heels that are the wrong fit and are uncomfortable no matter how gorgeous they look on your legs.

3. Chipped nail polish

No self-respecting girl should ever step out of the house with chipped nail polish! If your nail polish starts to peel or gets chipped remove it immediately!

The first thing a person notices about you is your nails. You cant always sport impeccably coiffed nails that are filed and buffed to precision. However, it is much better to leave them in their natural state than to have chipped nail polish. Learn to touch up your nails religiously.

4. Camel toes

A camel toe is when a woman’s pants are so tight that you can clearly see the lips of her vagina outlined in them. Camel toes are seriously disturbing. There is nothing as mortifying as directing everybody’s eyes straight to your lady parts. You should do everything in your power to keep your privates, well, private. Always do a spot check if your pants are tight lest you find out that your camel toe is out and roaming rogue when you are already out of the house. A camel toe is very unflattering and will distract guys from noticing anything else about you.