Dressing defines who you are. It is quite absurd and unfortunate that young women claiming to be ‘digital’ have turned a deaf ear to this.

After last year’s warning by Deputy President William Ruto that those found culpable of stripping women would face the wrath of law, the ‘digital folks’ have become inexorable in their dressing.

“My dress my choice” slogan has sorely eroded the impressive dressing code we had in late 90s. Of late, women are dressing in such a suggestive manner. Those in universities are the common culprits.

In universities, there is no agreed dressing code. Students have the guts to dress awkwardly on the claims that lecturers have no right to question their weird dressing. Again, their beloved parents are far away in the countryside and no one infringes on their unlimited freedom.

Some working ladies are said to dress to provoke their male bosses. Women should understand that dressing decently is very vital in all aspects of life. They should uphold the adorable dressing codes.