In any society, we encounter the best couple. We feel jealousy of them because in one way or the other we’ve never been in such relationships save for the hostile and horrible partners we date. College or university environment is not an exception. In fact most students have excelled in this field better than their studies.

With a free environment and great ambience it has created a good breeding ground for campus marriages famously known as ‘cohabitation’ equated with ‘come we stay marriage’ in a normal society setting. These marriages are conducted on the basis of understanding between two parties and finalized within few days and the divorce is also done at the same pace.

In conversations with campus students, I heard shocking confessions as some regret and some have enjoyed the ‘short lived’ marriages. According to Rose Nekesa, 21, an education student at Kisii University, she found herself in cohabitation marriage, something she never thought she could be a part of.

“I never thought of moving in with someone but before I could realize what was happening I had moved in with a male student I was dating”

She further argues that many female students are undergoing gender violence and suffering in cohabitation marriages. “It is so sad that many female students are undergoing domestic violence and suffering secretly” says remorseful Nekesa.

Furthermore, due to the financial crisis that many female students go through, they persevere torture as they fear to suffer more in case they part ways. “Due to financial problems they are not able to stand on their our own so they had better persevere the suffering than be left out in the cold.” notes Nekesa.

It is worth noting however that some fortunately have been able to succeed in this campus marriage arena. According to Tobias Nyagarama 24, a student at Gusii Institute of Technology, he recounts how he begun and how he has succeeded.

“I admit that it is quite tricky but with proper understanding from both parties it works well and this is the only secret” says Nyagarama.

He further adds that many students rush in relationships without taking time to know their partners something that causes backlash when they finally move in. “Most students do things in a rush, without knowing their partners well thus they destroy a good relationship” says the flamboyant student.

Psychologist Peter Mokua says that many students due to lack of information and guidance are rushing into marriage. “Most students are not aware of marriage and what it entails. Furthermore the groups they associate with advice them wrongly making them opt for marriage” says Mokua.

He further epresses disappointment in that most of these relationships are only known to the two parties but their families are left in the dark until tragedy strikes.