Pay a visit to any local university or college and you will be treated to some rare, unethical and westernized dressing code adorned by ladies. While the society condemns the vice among young women who are gearing for empowerment, it has become hard for them to embrace decency as demanded by various stakeholders.

I remember how fresh men would report to school looking so innocent only to be polluted by the wave of change especially from continuing students. According to one of the students Anne Auma (not her real name), a third year student at Kisii University, she was influenced by what she termed as ‘fashion’ subjecting her to funny and strange dresses.

“When I was admitted, I was one of those decent ladies who wore long dresses and long sleeved shirts but fashion introduced me to this new lifestyle” recounts Auma.     

She further explains that some students are ridiculed and laughed at for been conservative when they cover themselves all up because it is considered to be a preserve of the archaic people who are not receptive to change.

Furthermore, many students who standout and are trend setters dress in these ‘funny’ dresses. You will be baffled to see how some students dress during modelling competitions; it’s like in the movies.

 It is a good thing that parents rarely visit their children in colleges and universities because some parents would die of shock.

But the few parents who visit their daughters unannounced are left in shock after seeing the scandalous clothes the students put on.

Take for instance the case of Mary Mwangi, 58, from Laikipia who paid a visit to her daughter in one of the local universities. She was surprised to find her daughter in a micro mini and a bareback top and to later discover that she only showed up at the hostel the day she had a lesson.

“I was surprised when I visited my daughter. She had drastically changed from been a polite girl to a raunchy one.  She was on a drinking spree and wore dresses that were meant for commercial sex workers” says remorseful Mwangi.

She further added that parents toil so hard to take their children through university yet their daughters are wasting themselves in these institutions.

 Everyone at home knows my daughter as a respectable, straight forward girl who can never be associated with partying or drinking, yet that is not the case.  She suggests that parents should be in contact with their daughters because some may not graduate due to missing exams.

One may wonder how female students have mastered this kind of lifestyle such that their parents never notice.

Take for instance the case of Salome Ndeti, 20, from Machakos. While in school, she is a different girl as when she is at home.

“For me I have different set of clothes that I wear when I am at home and when I am at school. “My parents have never known about my lifestyle and they would not believe anyone who dared tell them otherwise” says Ndeti.

She further adds that after embracing such a life style it is difficult to go back.

According to the dean of students at Kisii University, Gladys Osoro suggests that most students without proper guidance and consultation have fallen victims.

“Most students upon admission are introduced in a new environment and as they associate with continuing students, some are led astray.  New students need to stay away from bad company to avoid picking up such habits.” says Osoro.

Her greatest worry is whether students will be able to merge and incorporate well in the corporate world.