A couple breaking up.

Almost everyone has this partner who left them with so many souvenirs and personal effects. Sadly, the relationship came to a blind end, and you no longer see eye to eye. What happens with such items if you no longer want to have them for whatever reason? Here are five most appropriate ways to get rid of such things;

Dispose of them

This is the first option but probably not the most economical. You may decide to dump the items in the dustbin or burn them, but who wants to throw away a gold watch or a beautiful and costly dinner dress? I consider this an option but with the lowest priority.

Give them back

If you can get a talking ground, negotiate on returning them. This will solve the bad blood of the items that remained back. It will also solve the fear of being bewitched if you believe in black magic and prevent the scenario where your ex comes to your residence in the disguise of checking on their belongings. However, it may also make matters worse as it will seem like you are chasing them away. So, think wisely.

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You can donate the items to the less fortunate in society. This will solve your emotional burden while at the same time fulfilling someone else's basic needs. However, ensure that he/she is not coming back for the items to ensure you don't get sucked into a brawl. Just ensure that they don't get to realise the things are theirs. Also, ensure that the people receiving the donations are not aware of the origin of the items. Put the guilt aside as the end justifies the means here.


There's that person that you always wanted to buy a gift, but something holds you back. Pick those beautiful shoes and dress and gift them. Just ensure that you don't gift someone within your immediate family or anyone within reach of your ex. Do not explain when giving out the gift. Just give it with a clean, pure heart.

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Do you have a broken heart and a broke pocket? Think smart. There is that expensive watch or pair of shoes your ex left behind. If they have significant monetary value, sell them and buy some whiskey to drown your sorrows. However, be sure that you are not going back to the relationship as you may have many explanations to do after that.