How to walk in heels. (Courtesy)

When Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” you can bet she was talking about heels. However, not everyone wears heels despite how sassy and confident they make many women feel. If you haven’t worn heels for a long time and the shoes you find most comfortable are flats and sneakers, save yourself the embarrassment of wobbling around in heels with these tips.

Start with shorter heels

Forget about the models you see on TV walking in 6 inches and go for shoes that have a shorter heel. A 2.5-inch heel is an excellent place to start, and once you get used it, slowly work your way up. Starting with extremely high heels can make you super uncomfortable and causes short and long-term pain in our back, legs, feet, knees, and back.

Wear them in the house

Nothing can help you get used to wearing heels than practicing with them while doing house chores. This will help know the duration you can stay with the heels on. In fact, if you’ve bought new shoes, it’s advisable to get used to them before wearing them outside to avoid blisters.

A shorter heel. (Courtesy)

Go for a thicker heel

Shoes with thicker heels such as wedges or block heels can be perfect for beginners. Avoid skinny heels or any that are thin at the bottom. Wedges are mostly excellent as they provide great support and have a flat sole.

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Choose shoes that fit

Buying a shoe that doesn’t fit can make it difficult to walk. Wearing heels that keep slipping in and out can be particularly harmful as you risk injuring your ankle. In case your heels don’t fit, use shoe pads to make you more comfortable.

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Slightly lean back while walking

Have you ever seen a woman trying to walk faster in heels? Most times, they end up craning their necks forward for compensation. To avoid looking strange while walking, slightly lean backward to counter leaning forward.

Try smaller steps

As a beginner, it’s advisable to take time with your heels while walking. Making shorter steps while walking a bit slower can help you achieve balance.