How to get along with your mother-in-law. (Courtesy)

So, you’ve met this really nice guy who makes you really happy. You have even pictured how you’ll get married and raise a family, but… you remember that there’s this very important human being in that man’s life that makes you sweat; his mother.

Ok ladies, we all know how getting along with your mother-in-law can be quite difficult sometimes, but, because we love her son, we must always try and get keep up with them. If you are lucky enough to get an understanding mother-in-law, good for you girl!

However, if you are that lady who dreads visiting their mother-in-law simply because you cannot have a ‘sober’ conversation with her, here are few tips to help you keep up;

  1. Act as if you like her even if you don’t. You wouldn’t want your mother-in-law to know that you don’t like her. You always have to keep in mind that she is a very important being in your spouse’s life.
  2. Be polite. This does not mean that shouldn’t try to reason with her even if she passes negative comments about you. This can be a little hard, but talking back at her would not be the best solution.
  3. Give her gifts where necessary. Giving a gift to someone can be because of different reasons for example during holidays or when trying to appreciate someone. Sending your mother-in-law gifts shows that you think about her often and that you care for her.
  4. Inflict humor when she is in a bad mood. They say laughter is the best medicine. If you get the opportunity to make your mother-in-law laugh till her ribs hurt, do it. These are the moments she will live to remember and she will like you even more.

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  1. Commend her for the good things she does. Look for the things she is good at and commend her for them. A good example is; you can constantly remind her how good her food tastes if she is a great cook. Never tell your mother-in-law that there is something she is not doing right… she raised your spouse.
  2. Remind her how lucky you are to have her son in your life. This will mean that you appreciate how she raised her child. Nothing feels good like being appreciated.
  3. Don’t let her see you in a bad mood. If you let your mother-in-law see you upset, she might negatively judge you by saying you either have a bad temper and/or that you are not easy to get along with. Always smile when she is around.
  4. Don’t speak negatively about her child in front of her. If you ever jock with your spouse about how annoying he is while snoring or how badly he sleeps, don’t do this with your mother-in-law. She might not take it lightly and you might get into a fight.

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  1. Clear any misunderstandings you have with her. You will always get into misunderstandings from time to time. What matters is how you will handle them. Always try to make peace after a quarrel.
  2. Call her and check up on her frequently. Calling your mother-in-law from time to time will make her feel loved and not abandoned. But try not to do it so frequently that she gets annoyed.