Kevin Hart [Photo: Courtesy]

Kevin Hart has admitted that he lied about the severity of his injuries when he was in a horrific car crash last year.

The comedian, 40, fractured his spine when the car he was a passenger in rolled into an embankment and smashed into a tree back in September.

He was hospitalised for 10 days and now has six screws in his back after an operation to fuse his spine.

But Kevin has now admitted he lied about how injured he was and the amount of pain he was in.

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He explained that he was trying to prevent the hospital from stopping his daily walks during his recovery.

Speaking on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, he said: "I lied in the hospital because I didn't want them to know that I was having pain, because I thought that they were gonna stop me from letting me continue to try my walks.

"It was like day seven in the hospital, I had the walker, and it was slow walks but I was dragging.

"It was upper body, and I was masking it as if I was… feet, because I didn’t want to stop trying."

After two and a half weeks he started walking without a frame.

He then returned home three weeks after the crash and continued physical therapy.

Kevin admitted going back to his wife and children was an emotional moment.

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He added: "There was an option of me never seeing my wife and my kids again.

"It wasn't like a build-up cry = it was pull up, get out, feet touch the ground, what the f*** just came over me, boo hoo.

"Like, what the f***, what just happened. By the way, a painful cry, because my back was f***ed up."