Paigey pretends to be a big baby [Image: MDWfeatures / @mindlessdiaper]

A woman spends £230 a month on nappies to maintain her lifestyle as a full-time adult baby.

Content creator Paigey Miller, from the East Coast, USA, begins every day by waking up in her crib.

After her morning diaper change, she then spends her time playing with toys and creating online content for the adult baby and diaper lover (ABDL) online community in her nursery.

The 25-year-old's goal has always been to normalise the lifestyle since she adopted it in May 2018.

In setting up her own subscription service, she hopes that she can help others feel less shameful whilst also funding the costly expenses that come with being an adult baby.

She spends hundreds of pounds on nappies every month [Image: MDWfeatures / @mindlessdiaper]

She spends £230 ($300) a month on diapers alone - funded by her 426 paid subscribers.

The full-time nature of Paigey's lifestyle means that it's something she lives both in and out of public view. Paigey isn't deterred by negativity from those that don't understand her lifestyle - despite detractors constantly questioning her intelligence.

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"I've always collected toys and had a younger sense of humour, so all of my friends and family have been very accepting," Paigey said.

"If you act like it's not a big deal, people will take your nonchalance in their stride.”

Much of her time is spent playing with toys [Image: MDWfeatures / @mindlessdiaper]

"Once I became of legal age, I started searching the internet to see if there were other people like me and there was a whole community.”

"One of the most prominent feelings people have is shame so I decided to go public. I made a YouTube channel. I made a website. It's all about how to live your best adult baby life.

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"We like to play with toys. We're brought joy by the things we did as little kids. I collect Polly Pocket and Barbies. I like to play with my stuffed animals. That's what Little Space is."

Paigey has received an overwhelmingly positive response from her large online following.

Hundreds of people financially support her lifestyle [Image: MDWfeatures / @mindlessdiaper]

"I get emails every day from people saying thank you for being as public as you are," she said.

"Some people just don't understand why an adult would want to act or live like a child. It's all to do with the mindset of letting little things bring you joy.”

"We're still functional adults. We have to do normal adult things like pay the bills, but we also have the added responsibility of maintaining our lifestyle.”

"I get a lot of people questioning my intelligence. They ask why a normal intelligent person would live this way.”

"I don't respond to negativity. It doesn't warrant a response. Lines of consent are really important to me. In my daily life, I don't push my lifestyle on anybody else.”

She aims to be flexible like a baby [Image: MDWfeatures / @mindlessdiaper]

"I may dress like a kid but I'm not going to be drinking a bottle of milk and sucking on a pacifier. I'm discrete when I'm in public.

"There's a lot of great media out there to help you find out where you belong in this community."

Paigey's lifestyle isn't something that has affected her dating experiences.

"I haven't had a partner involved in ABDL," Paigey said.

"I'm engaged to someone who I've been with for five years. He doesn't have this lifestyle, but he supports it."