John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen. (Courtesy)

John Legend has revealed the secret to his happy marriage with his pregnant wife of seven years - Chrissy Teigen. The All Of Me singer and model recently announced they are expecting their third "miracle" child together and John has dished out his advice on how the smitten pair keep their romance alive. The doting father says "communicating and being considerate" is what works for their relationship.

"It sounds obvious, but being with someone you really care about, respect and enjoy being around. I think that’s the crucial foundation," he told Cosmopolitan. John continued: "Then communicating, being considerate, listening to your partner and making sure their needs are met."

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The star also revealed the married couple attend therapy sessions together "sometimes" in a bid to keep their romance thriving. He concluded: "I think every couple who has been together for a long time could use time to talk with a third party to help with whatever concerns they have."

John Legend and his family. (Courtesy)

John and Chrissy announced last month that they are expecting another baby together. The proud parents were shocked to find out they had conceived naturally after having their last two children with the help of IVF treatment. The singer said it was "truly a surprise" when they found out about the incredible news.

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Touching on the subject of previous IVF treatment, John said they "figured it would never happen". But he hinted their quality time spent at home together had made it possible for Chrissy to become pregnant again. He said the couple have "conquered" their fertility challenges.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. (Courtesy)

John says becoming a father has given him a "purpose" and he has a different kind of love for his children. They can't wait to become parents for the third time. John and Chrissy tied the knot in 2013 after they started dating in 2006. They share two gorgeous children together - Luna and Miles, with plans to extend their family in the coming months.

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During the lockdown, John and Chrissy had spent some time watching Love Island UK together. He admitted they are both huge fans of the show, but do have to turn subtitles on as he "can't quite follow" some of the accents. It seems they spent their time together very well!