Angelina Jolie                                                                    Courtesy:Facebook

Chris Martin claims Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie KIDNAPPED him in an attempt to get him to agree to write a song for her new movie.

The Coldplay frontman, who contributed the track Miracles for her film Unbroken, joked that Brad Pitt's fiery missus was so desperate to get him on board that she went to extreme lengths.

Chris hilariously told Vulture mag: "I got a message [from Angelina] that said, 'Meet in this undisclosed location. You'll be blindfolded and picked up by seven ex-Navy SEALs'.

"So they kidnapped me, hit me over the head, and sprayed me with Mace. When I woke up, I was in an office, and Brad Pitt was doing push-ups as Angelina Jolie was just sitting there with her crown on.

"There was also a guy holding a knife to my throat, and she said, 'Write me a song, or else'. And Brad Pitt said, 'Yeah. What she said'."

It all sounds pretty intense and a little bit like a scene from Mr. & Mrs. Smith - we'd love to think this actually did happen and Chris finally gave in.

Meanwhile, Angelina's husband Brad and their children attended the premiere of Unbroken recently after she fell ill with chicken pox.

The 39-year-old star released a video showing her covered in a red rash and explained why she wasn't able to promote her movie, also starring Brit actor Jack O'Connell.
With a slight smirk, she explained: "I just want to be clear and honest about why I'll be missing the Unbroken events in the next few days - it is because I found out last night I have chicken pox."

"So I will be home itching and missing everyone and I can't believe it because this film means so much to me."

We hope she's starting to feel better!