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I don't regret coming out, Brenda Jons reveals

 Comedian Brenda Jons. 

Content creator Brenda Gathoni, aka Brendah Jons, does not regret revealing her sexual orientation despite losing a few advertisements. Speaking with YouTuber Eve Mungai, the 25-year disclosed that her family and close friends have known about her since 2016.

Brenda said she had received negative criticism from a section of her fans, but she does not regret her moves. The comedian admitted that the night she went live on Instagram to claim her then-girlfriend had left her, she had already recorded a coming-out video but had not yet uploaded it on her YouTube channel.

"I can't say I regret but I wish it never happened but I don't feel guilty. The reason why I don't even feel guilty is because I came out in 2016. My family knew who I was and how I roll. My friends knew, everyone in my circle knew, only the world didn't know because I am the kind of a person who can post on social media the whole day but probably you will not be able to tell the kind of life I live," she said in part.

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Speaking about the night she went live to accuse her ex of cheating, Brenda, famed for her 'Plesdent Kingston' clip, admitted that it was wrong to vent out on an Instagram live.

"I feel like I should have kept my own business to myself. We were talking with my friends at the time and all agreed that I did nothing wrong but the only thing wrong I did was that I was on the wrong platform saying the right things to the wrong people. If I was venting out to my friends only, that would have been okay. The problem is I was saying it to the public," she added.

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Brenda further narrated that her ex and the person she allegedly cheated with had provoked her despite being under the influence. Brenda admitted that before going live on Instagram, there was a physical confrontation when her ex-girlfriend went public with the person she allegedly had an affair with.

"The specific characters I mentioned provoked me few minutes before I went on that live. They insulted me and I think that's where I lost it. These people walked into where I was with my friends holding hands shamelessly. I honestly fought them because I was angry," she said.


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