It's all a lie: Huddah takes a shot at Davido donation claim

By Davis Muli | 5 months ago
Socialite Huddah Monroe.

Socialite Huddah Monroe has criticised recent donations declared by Nigerian singer Davido. Taking to social media, the socialite said some of the donations reported by celebrities are lies orchestrated to push their brand visibility.

Sharing a screenshot of Davido’s recent donation, the founder and CEO of Huddah Cosmetics claimed it was a lie, saying that Davido does not intend to donate the money he collected during his birthday drive.

“Big cap but okay,” Huddah wrote.

Huddah said evidence needs to be produced after celebrities donate large amounts of money, otherwise, it could easily be dismissed as a PR stunt.

“We are yet to see the saved children or schools built, or shelters, maybe there is. I just haven’t heard coz $14 million is not small change,” she added.

Justifying her claims, Huddah admitted that people lie but challenged celebrities to at least do the bare minimum, then shout about it instead of promising to do it and then vanish through thin air.

“Donations are a way to just lie. We all lie but just do the bare minimum, show us then talk,” Huddah wrote.

Her bold statement around donations came when Davido revealed that he had donated the cash given by his fans to orphanages in Nigeria. Through social media, the award-winning singer revealed that he had raised over NGN 250 million (Sh68 million) through the drive that lasted just over two days.

Singer Davido.

He said he is passionate about giving back to society, and that he received Sh54 million from friends. Davido pledged to top it up with around Sh14 million and selected a team to oversee the distribution of the funds.

“The committee will compile a list of orphanages across Nigeria. They will determine the number of children and their needs at each orphanage and then divide the funds accordingly. To maintain transparency, the committee will make public names of the beneficiary orphanages and how much each will receive,” wrote Davido.

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