Elodie Zone speaks on new relationship, says no bad blood with her exes

By Fay Ngina | 2 months ago
Elodie Zone speaks on new relationship.

Popular YouTuber Elodie Zone had netizens talking days after posting pictures with her new man on Instagram.

“It has been a beautiful fight… still … is,” Elodie captioned the photos, confirming she has moved on from her previous relationship with musician Nviiri The Storyteller.


“There is no bad blood between me and anyone I have been with in the past. We are all living life large with our loved ones and vibing. I am cooling and happy for the first time in a long time," said Elodie.

During a question and answer session three months ago, Elodie disclosed that she suffered physical abuse in her past relationships. 

When a fan asked what kind of abuse she encountered, Elodie said; “I have hidden bruises from my past two relationships. I have felt stupid and I have been undermined. I have been told to keep quiet."

“I have been told to stop speaking up on social media because I will look like I am 'acting out.' I have been told that depression means you overact - all are total nonsense. I want men and women in my position to raise their voices. We may be small but our voices cannot be silenced.”

Elodie even went ahead and addressed an incident that happened earlier this year where a guy she was purportedly dating left her stranded at night during curfew hours.


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“Yup. January 1, 2021; there are videos online of him slamming me against a table and leaving me and my baby cousins at a club past curfew. Cross-check with my “life is good” highlight,” she said.

The YouTuber first came into the limelight while dating Former President Mwai Kibaki’s grandson, Sean Andrew.

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