Milly WaJesus and husband Kabi WaJesus.

Popular YouTuber Milly WaJesus has heaped praises on her husband, Kabi WaJesus, following his eight-year salvation celebration marked yesterday, Wednesday, September 15, 2021.

In a moving post shared on her Instagram page, the bubbly social media influencer said she was beyond pleased to walk the journey of salvation with her husband.

According to her, Kabi is destined for greatness and will one day become a pastor, making her a pastor’s wife.

“Deep down I know I will end up being a pastor’s wife and am here for it. Today’s live was one of a kind!! So happy to stand by my husband’s side and help him live his purpose to the fullest. It’s an honor to be part of your journey my love @kabiwajesus. You keep encouraging me to hold on to faith and stay true to the call. You have a great testimony and I pray that God will use it for His glory,” she wrote.

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Kabi marked eight years in salvation with an Instagram live session with his family and friends, where he opened up on the challenges he faced before and after accepting Christ into his life.

“My life has not been so easy, it has been quite the journey, especially before I got born again. I went through a lot and ii want to share with you guys a few things as I celebrate my eight years in salvation,” he said.

The social media sensation revealed that he was influenced into taking drugs and alcohol by a close family member at a young age and found it hard to break away from the habit until his salvation.

“There was this time I went to visit someone also a close family member and when I got there I found a full bottle of alcohol. I was in class six and I took that bottle and drank almost all of it. After I drank it I realized I could do it. I almost died though,” Kabi added.

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After years of engaging in drinking and drug abuse, Kabi says he walked into a church after a drunk night out and gave his life to Christ and has never been the same again.

“When it came to giving my life to Christ, I was just told by someone and even then I was just a mess, that story is so amazing but I went to church, I received Jesus Christ and I started walking the journey of faith. Let me tell you guys, in 2013, it was on a Sunday, I went to church from a club. That Saturday I had slept so drunk. I went to church, Citam Thika road and the preacher preached and they asked if you want to get born again. Funny enough I’m the only one who got born again on that day,” he narrated. ?