Media personality Terryanne Chebet.

In life, they say it's better to shoot your shot when the opportunity presents itself or deal with the regret of what could have been. It's usually considered a great idea as people generally respect and admire a confident person.

However, this was not the case for one young man who almost got a job opportunity with media personality Terryanne Chebet.

Through a Twitter thread, the entrepreneur highlighted the story of how a job seeker lost an opportunity at an interview, despite being a good candidate.

It all started when the young man, identity withheld, sent an Instagram direct message asking for an opportunity to work with her.

"Hello Terryanne. I love your conversation with Bernard Ndong on Instagram live. I'm an IT diploma graduate, digital manager and content creator and I would love to work for you. I don't mind starting as an intern," he wrote.

Five days later, Terryanne responded, asking him to send his CV and even booked an interview, referring to him as a good candidate.

However, the young man's dream of working with Terryanne was cut short after realizing he had a massive crush on her following his previous messages sent on Instagram.

Sharing the screenshots on the Twitter thread, Terryanne said she couldn't hire the man, who claimed he was in love with her, despite being totally qualified for the position.

"I honestly I'm in love with you."

"Happy birthday my crush. Nakupenda ata kama ulilenga DMs zangu.”

"I like you Terryanne but talk of snobbing someone, you have mastered it," read some of the messages he sent while replying to Terryanne's Instagram stories.

After reading his messages, Terryanne stated she couldn't hire someone who had a crush on her, even for an internship position.

"I'm all about shooting your shot, but not when you're actively job hunting. Got an inbox, good candidate, mailed him to book an interview, only to scroll up on IG to see messages he'd been sending me, which I hadn't seen," wrote Terryanne.

Terryanne's sentiments, however, sparked a debate on the comment section, with some agreeing that the man's messages were inappropriate and others stating she should still give him a chance.

"It takes a lot of guts and initiative for one to shoot their shot, especially at one occupying a superior social position. You may be missing out on a self-driven employee, a go-getter," responded Walter Nyakwaka.

"Just another mischievous boy trying a shortcut to wealth.. Give him the chance (internship) he has already learned a life lesson," opined K Gitonga.

"As much as I do not agree with you on posting this here, it's just wrong but the man was also wrong. You don't send such messages to your employer it's just unprofessional," stated Cess Mungai.

"This one confused the assignment. These streets are at times extremely tricky. People need to learn when to keep conversations formal and when to keep them informal. I feel sorry for him, for the opportunity he has lost," added Francis Amonde.