Eric Omondi lands mega deal after meeting billionaire businessman Jimmy Wanjigi

By Solomon Koko | 2 months ago
Eric Omondi lands mega deal after meeting billionaire businessman Jimmy Wanjigi.

Comedian Eric Omondi is smiling all the way to the bank after meeting billionaire businessman Jimmy Wanjigi and officially landing the role as his chief campaigner.

"We have agreed that in the coming months, I will be communicating Wanjigi's vision for Kenyans," the comedian revealed to Standard entertainment.

The meeting comes days after Eric was trolled on social media for endorsing the flamboyant wheeler-dealer for the top office in his 'fagia wote' campaign. In his campaign, Eric urged the youth to vote wisely, get rid of recycled politicians, and go for youthful, fresh leadership.

Netizens, however, blasted him for endorsing the tycoon, insisting that the move was owing to his deep pockets. "You forgot to indicate it's a paid partnership," a fan mocked.


Asked whether he would consider being Wanjigi's running mate or his interest in vying for office, Eric responded, "I think the youth are suffering and yearning for a leader with their solutions. I will not be Wanjigi's running mate but I will support his course and vision as he explained. However, in future, don't write me off for the ballot. Considering that I'm the President of comedy in Africa I may as well make my political dream a reality."

The comedian has, however, urged entertainers to be informed in their decisions when endorsing leaders. "Don't just do it for money. Do what will impact the future and your career. Instead of wasting time bashing Eric Omondi, why don't you show us a leader you think can or has made a difference?" he challenged.

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