Sarah Michelotti has responded to Harmonize's apology.

Tanzanian singer Rajabu Abdul Kahali, popularly known as Harmonize, has captured the hearts of many after making a public apology to his ex-wife Sarah Michelotti months after their marriage hit the rocks. 

On an Instagram post, the Konde Music Worldwide CEO owned up to his mistakes and apologised to Sarah, who stuck with him for four years despite his shortcomings.

According to the 'Uno' singer, everything was good between him and Sarah until he sired a baby with another woman. 

Harmonize said he would have ended up looking like a fool had he continued to hide his first-born daughter from the public eye. 

“I am sorry is the only Word I can use to the one of Beautiful Woman Alienipatia Miaka (4) Ya maisha Yake Nami Nikampatia (4) Yangu Tulipitia Mengi Ila itoshe Kusema Nilizingua Sanaa ..!!! Mpaka Mungu Alipoamua Kuniletea Mtoto Wangu wa Kwanza @zuuh_konde Na Ndo Ikawa Mwisho Wa Safari Yetu Ya Pamoja Yeesss KUTELEZA KUNATOKEA Naa Muungwana Huomba Radhi ila Ningeonekana Mjinga Zaidi Ningeendelea Kumficha Mtoto Wangu,” said Harmonize. 

Hours after the musician's apology, Sarah took to her Instagram stories and responded saying, "It is important to apologise after a big mistake."

The Italian beauty ended her relationship with Harmonize sometime in December after the singer admitted to siring a child with another woman.  

The businesswoman stated that she spent so much time and energy loving and caring for Harmonize, only for her efforts to be unappreciated.

Harmonize and Sarah broke up in December 2020.

"I married you because I loved you. You were everything to me, and I chose you just the way you were. I gave you all my love, and I did my best for your happiness, something that you did not do for me at all. Day by day, I found you were completely different and you do not have any respect for anybody.

"You did not even know how to keep a wife like me or to be proud of one person who give you the good life. You do not know how to respect people who really do love you and the ones who are there to support you," said Sarah, confirming the breakup.?