Shakila and Eric Omondi.

Months after joining the cast of Eric Omondi's controversial reality show Wife Material and their mutual friends with benefits relationship, it looks like rumors previously raised may not be a laughing matter.

During a recent exclusive party in a lavish upmarket apartment, socialite Shakila once again alleged that she was indeed carrying the comedian's child.

"Yes, I'm four months pregnant, and I can't wait," she told Standard Entertainment.

Asked whether Eric was aware of what awaits them, she gleefully retorted, "He is aware and cannot wait to hold the baby in his arms."

Shakila and Eric Omondi.

To cushion any vindication, Shakila, who was also in the company of Eric's younger brother Fred Omondi asked him to prove that he was aware that he'd soon be an uncle.

"Yes, with the baby on the way now, Shakila will be family forever. Ever since she broke the news, I treat her as such," he ascertained before they cuddled in a warm embrace.

Before the termination of the controversial show, Eric and Shakila had shared intimate moments alone together. Out of all the contestants totaling 9, it was clear that the comedian had a soft spot for the 19-year-old.

Eric and Shakila during Wife Material season 1.

Shakila has had her fair share of instances where she has been accused of clout chasing to reach her popularity heights. With Eric Omondi also getting himself entangled in the clout chasers circle after being accused of scripting the reality show, only time will tell if the two were after a few thousand followers.

As the night went on, Shakila danced energetically and suggestively. She, however, could only sip sparkling champagne because 'of the baby's safety' before bursting into the 'drop it down and pick it up' move.