Maina Kageni [Photo: Courtesy]

Veteran radio presenter Maina Kageni has treated himself to one of the latest toys in the luxury vehicles market, the lux BMW X6 40i 2020.

The Sh7 million SUV is a classy V8-powered machine.

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It is described as stylish and explosive yet quiet and built for performance.

It is said to be the first of its kind to be purchased in East Africa.

Elsewhere… Taio tripping with list of Nairobi’s top 10 rappers?

Taio Tripper recently revealed his official top Nairobi rap artistes’ list, comprising newbies and more familiar names.

“My top 10 current rappers in no particular order: Boutross, Timmy Blanco, Swahili Papi, Nyashinski, Damu Ya Mashujaa, Wangechi, Chevy Kev, RIZE, Khaligraph Jones, Kayvo K-Force”.

The BET Awards nominee has referred to Khaligraph Jones before as the Kenyan 50 Cent, and himself as Jay-Z.

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He is also the pioneer of what fans have come to call the ‘cool kids’ of Kenya, Nu Nairobi, a group of independent artists in different forms of art, including rap music.

The likes of Chevy Kev, RIZE and Timmy Blanco are all categorised under this class of artistes.