Incredible footage, filmed in Yorkshire, shows theSh4 million motor's windscreen, lights and mirrors being destroyed.

A woman armed with a huge metal post was filmed smashing up her former lover's BMW, it has been claimed.

The woman broke three large holes into the windows of the Sh4 million car and then destroyed the lights and mirrors.

Incredible footage of the incident filmed in Yorkshire, northern England shows another woman appearing to act as a look out.

A car, believed to be a getaway vehicle, sat close by for them to drive away in.

The woman finishes her vicious attack on the car before dumping the pole and jumping in the waiting vehicle.

  A shocked neighbour filmed the damage on a phone from a nearby upstairs window.

Facebook group Spotted in Yorkshire uploaded the video earlier today.

It was uploaded with the comment: "Guy upset his wife then this happened. I blame the universal credit."

And Asim Siddiq added: "Disgraceful behaviour, there are ways to deal with a situation and this isn't the way."